10 Healthy Communication Tips for Couples

10 Healthy Communication Tips for Couples

A lot of times, couples get pissed off with each other by the way they respond to spoken words. We can do better if we learn response in the *affirmative* and not in the *combative*.

Read the following:

1. *Statement:* I’m really hungry.

– *Wrong response:* Even I myself have not eaten since morning.

– *Right response:* Oh sorry, let’s see if there’s something you can manage for now.


2. *Statement:* Why don’t you try this option?

– *Wrong response:* Why is it that you always find fault with what I do?

– *Right response:* Well, I’ve tried this before and I think it will work. If not, I’ll try that.


3. *Statement:* I want more food.

– *Wrong response:* Ha-ha, rice has finished, garri has finished, and ingredients are almost finished, and there’s no sign of salary yet.

– *Right response:* Sorry, please manage that for now; I’ll find some snacks for you later.


4. *Statement:* I can’t finish this food.

– *Wrong response:* Ha-ha, things are expensive o; and you can’t be wasting food like this. You will eat it tomorrow!

– *Right response:* Should I keep the rest for you, or give it out?


5. *Statement:* I got wounded in kitchen.

– *Wrong response:* I’ve told you to always be careful with the knife.

– *Right response:*

Oh sorry, let me have a look. You need to be more careful next time.


6. *Statement:* Are you okay; is anything the matter with you?

– *Wrong response:* Can’t you see yourself; what kind of question is that?

– *Right response:* I’m not feeling fine; I think I need some attention.


7. *Statement:* I’ll like to eat corn flakes.

– *Wrong response:* No way! It’s for the children; and that’s for one month! Take garri if you are hungry.

– *Right response:* Okay, you can eat a little. I trust you’ll give us money to stock another.


8. *Statement:* Haven’t you finished what you are doing?

– *Wrong response:* You are seated there doing nothing and you are asking if I’ve not finished!

– *Right response:* It will still take a while; can you please lend me a hand?


9. *Statement:* I bought this on my way; I thought it will be useful.

– *Wrong response:* How much did you buy it? What! That’s too expensive – wọ́n ti gbá ẹ!

– *Right response:* Thank you; it will indeed be useful. Thanks for the surprise.


10. *Statement:* Handle that thing carefully please.

– *Wrong response:* Am I that daft? You will just be instructing me as if I don’t have any sense.

– *Right response:* Yes dear, I will try.

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