What Makes Love Last (Part 1)

What Makes Love Last (Part 1)

By Joseph Uchewuba

Have you ever wondered why relationship do not last these days?

A new couple that had been loving over each other before getting married would, in few months or years, begin to take each other’s love for granted, feel less concerned about each other’s welfare and give little or no attention for each other. Frustration comes in, and one of the partner may find a way to break up. This is the cycle that has left homes unhappy and broken.

Love is like a seedling because it never comes to you full grown. It comes with the potential to grow and develop in the right environment. If the environment is right, love grows unhindered and produces a harvest of good times and beautiful memories. If the environment changes at any point in the growth cycle, the healthy plant can become stunted. This is why a couple can be convinced that they are in love and can’t do without each other, get

married and then feel that they are ‘no longer in love’ after a period of time. They had the seedling of love but did not realise that after transplanting it from the greenhouse if courtship into marriage, it would still require nurturing. How do one keep nurturing love?

What it takes to find love is what it takes to keep love. There are those things you did that made both of you love each other. Those creative words and fun at the first stage of the relationship. Don’t let them become just a memory of the good old days.

No matter how strong a fire is, when it runs out of fuel, it goes out. The flame of love must be protected and fueled constantly. When passion gives way to apathy for whatever reason, the demise of love is never far away.

So, in order to enjoy the beauty of that relationship, you must cultivate it and water it with love and passion.

Source: Tomi Toluhi

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