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POEM: Read “My Aunty My Pain” By Williams Etumnu, To Know What Men Suffer Silently Too

This is a master expository of the hidden, unseen sufferings, pains, humiliation and harassment that male folks go through on daily basis especially from childhood. It starts from Childhood but

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Child Mortality: Sure Measures Parents Can Take to Save Their Kids in Face of Technology, Social Media, Abuse

Have you ever thought of how to regulate phone usage and social media access of your kids as parents and junior ones as elders???? The answer to your questions is


Biblical Traditions of Igbo’s Before the Missionaries Came to Africa

NSO NWANYI. In Igboland women live apart from their husbands and neither cook for them or enter their husband’s quarters when they are in their period. They are seen as


Reasons Why Pope Francis Visited Iraq Amidst Caution, Drums of War

What exactly comes to your mind when you hear about Iraq and have you ever wondered why Pope Francis chose to visit Iraq of all people despite all that comes

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Reasons To Trust God in All

Have you ever wondered the world without God? Or a life without trust and hope for tomorrow? It is a dare death experience that one is kept in confusion for


FINGER CUTTING: A Tribe Where Bereaved Women Cut Their Fingers When A Family Member Dies To Satisfy Ancestral Ghosts, Right Or Wrong for Women Only?

Wonders truly never end. Why is it allowed for people to hurt themselves or other persons because someone in the family died? How will that bring the dead person back


DNKI President Lauds ‘Shared Prosperity Govt’, Unveils 2020 International Converge Logo of Denorsemen Kclub

By Ifeanyi Nwanguma, OWERRI.  The International President of DeNorsemen Kclub Incorporated, Chief (Dr) Adeshola Giwa has commended Governor Hope Uzodinma led Shared Prosperity Government in Imo State for his selfless


Six Leadership Principles To Learn From An Eagle

Some people say leadership is inbuilt, while some says it is learned whereas a good number of people also say that leadership is both talent,  inbuilt, as well s learned


Obiano, Obiora, Ezeife, Notable Others To Attend Queen Maureen Stephen’s Pet Project Unveiling Ceremony

Reigning Miss Eminent Nigeria, Queen Maureen Stephen Jurka will have in attendance the wife of Anambra State Governor, Dr. Ebelechukwu Obiano at her pet project unveiling ceremony. Dr. Obiano who

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KITCHEN TIPS: Things You Need to Master to Be a Good Cook

Ever wondered why some people,  males,  females, chefs,  roadside cooks,  wives and husbands to say are better Cooks than others, having a gappy edge to many who cook or make

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Knowing When to Speak and Make Sense

Just as no one loves noise and unreasonable speeches either from family members or friends and even enemies,  it is also germane to note that there are Biblical advice, guidance

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Art Street Artists Request Financial Support from Government

By Ikenna Orioha. Imo Art Street Artists, have requested the State Government to visit the Art Gallery in order to know level of improvement to adequately fund it to enhance

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Romanian Boxer Inspires Girls to Knock Out Poverty

Search You are here News Romanian boxer inspires girls to knock out poverty 20 Feb 2020   AFP / Daniel MIHAILESCUSteluta Duta says becoming a boxer ‘was my only chance, my gamble’

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Why Human Needs Hug, Benefits Revealed

By Joseph Uchewuba. Perhaps, you are surprised at the caption of this article but it is absolutely true that both man, women whether young or old needs hug to be


NDDC Empowers 30 Physically Challenged Persons in Imo

By Ike Chidi Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), has concluded a Two- Week Training and Empowerment Programme for 30 persons living with disability in Imo State. The programme which was

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Sure Ways to Always Make & Save Money

2019 is here and if we are to take a guess about the thing that you most likely want, it would be for you to make more money to sort


Drug Abuse: Man goes insane over Tramadol

A young “science student” who went berserk after taking excess of the opioid pain medication in a fruitless attempt to get high, has been taken to a hospital after abusing


NYSC: Senate rejects Bill for Females to wear Skirts

The Senate on Wednesday rejected a bill proposing the option of wearing of skirts by female members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This followed the presentation of the


IMF Laments over High Poverty rate in Nigeria despite Interventions

Akinpelu Dada with agency report Nigeria’s people are getting poorer despite the country’s slow recovery from recession and economic reforms are urgently needed, the International Monetary Fund has said. The Fund


Teenager Turn a Zombie to Look like Angelina Jolie

A Teen Fan of the TOMB RAIDER ‘undergoes 50 surgeries’ in a bid to look like her idol Angelina Jolie… but is now branded a ‘zombie’ instead after the serial killer surgeries.


LOVE: He got Her engaged, despite dating his best-friend, brother and having a baby for his cousin… !

Love they say is blind and whenever one is in love, he or she acts differently but this peculiar instance is so surprising and interesting as it leaves much to

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Shaving of your Eyebrows makes you Unattractive and Ugly – Men tells Women

Some men in Abuja have expressed displeasure at women’s distortion of their eyebrows from their natural shape, saying that it makes them to look older, artificial, weird and unattractive. In

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Why You Should Stop Using Deodorant

If you’re like most American women, your typical morning routine includes a shower, brushing and flossing, and wrapping it all up in a bow with the application of a swipe