Meet The Man Who Is So Obsessed With Lawsuits, Records 2600, more cases

Meet The Man Who Is So Obsessed With Lawsuits, Records 2600, more cases

There are many weird people around the world that you may not have heard or read about. Today we are going to tell you about such a strange person. We are talking about Jonathan Lee. He is called the most litigant in the world. This young man had filed the first lawsuit against his own mother.

In that lawsuit, he stated that his mother had not taken care of him well. He won this case and he got compensation of $20,000 (Ugx 70M). After winning this case, the young man filed cases against his friends, maestro, neighbours, relatives, girlfriend, police, judge, famous companies and even George Bush. So far, the number of cases filed by him in different courts has reached close to 2600.

Jonathan Lee’s name is also recorded in the Guinness Book. He was selected for an award

by the Guinness World Record for having the biggest number of lawsuits in courts. He instead. You will be surprised after knowing that later, Jonathan Lee also filed a lawsuit against the Guinness Book of World records. He asked why his personal life was written in the book without his permission. He has won close to $8M ( Ugx 28 Billion) in damages and compensation in the cases so far.

After all this, he was recently called to a TV show for an interview and he was asked, “What is the reason that even after so much fame you are living alone and there is no one to love you?” At this, he got up and walked out of the TV show and sued the TV channel for dishonouring him. He won the case with a compensation of $50,000 (Ugx 175M)

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