What Makes Love Last (Part 2)

What Makes Love Last (Part 2)

By Joseph Uchewuba

In the first part of this article, I emphasized that whatever it takes to find love is what it takes to keep love, and you must, therefore, keep doing those things that make each of you happy, at the first stage of the relationship. Another importance of making love last is being committed.

“Commitment means…mentally crossing the bridge into your relationship and ‘burning the bridge behind you’ “-Tomi Toluhi.

Commitment is the foundation of a relationship. Commitment means that you are prepared to close your heart to all other people apart from your chosen mate. Having a ring does not make you committed. Decision does. The ring is simply an outward symbol of an inward decision.Two mutual

friends may know each other for seven years, and when they get married, find it hard to be committed to each other.

You don’t grow more committed to a relationship with the passage of time; you have got to decide to commit and then act accordingly. Love is not involuntary or an accidental occurrence over which we have no control, like most people use the term falling in love.

Love is more deliberate than what we think it is. We choose whom to bestow our love upon.

Therefore, when you find the relationship you have been seeking, you must recognize it as valuable and be prepared to give up everything you have to invest in that relationship.

Source: Tomi Toluhi

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