LET WOMEN LIVE!: Stop Pouring Aspersion on Ladies or Making Them Feel Less Human

LET WOMEN LIVE!: Stop Pouring Aspersion on Ladies or Making Them Feel Less Human

By Sk Nwaejie.

I felt bittered today walking through my street, and heard 3 boys discussing loudly and laughing, one of the boys said, “you see that my girl friend, I no fit marry her, she don comot 2 belle for me”, and the other guy was saying, “Oboy, all my girl friends no one wey I go fit marry, among my 5 babes all of them don commot belle for me before”. Can you imagine the rubbish talk!

It is no secret that, most men had in the past(even now) impregnated their girl friends and ran away, some men will be the ones that will give their girl friends money to go and remove the pregnancy that they are not ready, some men do threaten their girlfriends that if they don’t remove their pregnancy that they will kill…

The truth is, 90% of ladies who took-in for their boyfriend removed the pregnancy because the guy asked them to do so, or ran away and left them frustrated. It has never being the making of most ladies to terminate their pregnancy.

Some of the single mothers you see today, the so called boyfriends ran away and left them with the pregnancy, because they insisted they must give birth to their child. Some of this ladies suffered, they were humiliated, they were starved, they were abandoned, rejected and dropped out of school, just because of a stupid boyfriend.

It baffles me when I see some men pouring aspersion on ladies or making them feel less of a human for a sin you have 75% of the blame on as a man. For a sin you committed directly and indirectly.
And I make bold this day to say, ‘if you give your girlfriend money to commit abortion you are the one that committed it, if you threaten your girlfriend to commit abortion you are the one who have committed it, if you ran away after impregnating your girlfriend and she does

abortion, you are the one that committed it.

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Abortion is not gender base, it is sin of both the girl and the boy. No one should make it look as if it is the girls fault only and start making her feel less.

Ladies, your past is your past, bearing in mind that we all make mistake. So, no one should make you feel bad, no one should make you feel less, no one should make you to be down hearted. The truth is, such men were instrumental to your ugly past, and they lack moral standing to talk you down as a lady. No one should talk you down; don’t accept it, for your light is still in you despite your “dark yesterdays”.
Ladies, no matter your past, just know it, that your tomorrow will be better than today. Built yourself, learn skills, start up a mini-business, attend seminars and conferences whenever you are disposed, read books about great women (most of the great women you see today had their past and weaknesses, but over time they established self-discipline, self-decisions, courage to push, boldness and confidence in self).

Those men shouting up and down that they can’t marry a lady that you made to abort her pregnancy. And you wish to run to another state to pick a wife (I am not saying one can not marry in other states, but your intention of going outside the state should be genuine), and you forgot that every woman has her pass. Maybe your girlfriend you don’t want to marry did abortion twice for you, and the one you are going far away to marry might have done 5 to 7 abortion for 6 different men (indeed, blessed are those who sins are covered).

A woman’s past doesn’t define her.
Ladies, rise! shine and grow!
Men, stop it! Every woman is worth it no matter her past.
I AM Sk Nwaejie

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