Calm down and listen.

Extra marital /pre marital sex ofcourse is discouraged, but we need to get to the root of what really disarmed Samson.

Before that fateful day, Samson had sex partners in almost every city he’s been to ( just as many today)

Samson’s fall was progressive but one thing destroyed him completely. Read on to find out…..

All the mistakes Samson made prepared him by weakening him for that final fall.
Remember: if you fall in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

The same mistake Eve made, by revealing to the serpent what God told them.
Thrones are preserved by secrets.
Kingdoms are secured by mysteries.
Destiny is guarded by codes.

The moment Eve gave serpent the secret, she handed the code of the garden to the enemy.

There are covenant secrets you must defend with your life.
God is God because of secrets, there are a lot we still don’t know about God.
Every nation has their secret

service agency.

There are offices, companies and ministries you can never work in, until you are initiated into their secrecy, to preserve their secret.

Every destiny has a code and that’s the secret of their success.
Joseph made same mistake, when he revealed to his brothers more than they deserve to know at that moment.
Stop talking too much.
Stop talking to everybody.
Stop talking about everything.

There are things God tells you that are meant for you only.
The damage the enemy couldn’t do to Samson through sex, the moment he revealed his sacred covenant secret; they finished him.
Nobody should know your covenant code with God.
Preserve your spiritual ticket to Kingdom mysteries.
He that dwells in the secret place…

You cannot dwell in the secret place, until you are initiated into divine secrecy.
When Paul was caught up into the third heaven, he said he heard things which are not permitted for man to say.
If you have a leaking mouth, you are not qualified for power…

(c) #FDMLearn

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