Why Human Needs Hug, Benefits Revealed

Why Human Needs Hug, Benefits Revealed

By Joseph Uchewuba.

Perhaps, you are surprised at the caption of this article but it is absolutely true that both man, women whether young or old needs hug to be healthy.

Humans needs frequent hugs to be emotionally heathy and otherwise. This is because we hug others when we are excited, happy, sad or trying to comfort another. Hugging makes us feel good.

Interestingly, the benefits of hugging goes beyond that warm feeling you get in the arms of another especially your Loved ones. I can see your curious eyes wide open as well as your eyebrows raised high to know more about the benefits. Are you Ready to know the benefits of hugs??🤔😃😊

Here we go:


Scientists say that giving another person who support through touch can reduce the stress of both the person who is being comforted and the person who comforts. So it advisable that when a friend or a family member is dealing with something painful or unpleasant in their lives, give them a hug!.


In one study, scientists slept a group of about 200 adults into two groups.:

A. Group A had romantic partners hold hand for 10 minutes followed by a 20 Second hug with each other.

B. The other Group, group B had romantic partners who sat in silence for same 10 minutes and 20 seconds

The Results? Relax… The people in the first group showed greater reductions in blood pressure level and heart

rate than the second group.

Therefore, an affectionate relationship with hugs is good for your heart.


Oxytoxin is a chemical in our bodies that scientists sometimes call the “cuddle hormone”. This is because its level rise when we hug, touch or sit close to a loved one.

Scientists found that this hormone has a strong effect in women. Oxytoxin causes a reduction in blood pressure and of the stress hormone. Now, you know why women need more hugs than men.

Another study found that the positive benefits were strongest in women who had better relationships and more frequent hugs with their romantic partner. Women also saw positive results of Oxytoxin when they hold their infants closely.

It is a fact that Oxytoxin with happiness and less stress.


Hugs can reduce anxiety in people with low self esteem. Touch and hug can keep people from isolating themselves when reminded of their mortality.

It is even found that even touching an inanimate object like a Teddy Bear helped reduce people’s fear about their existence.


Apart from verbal means or facial expressions which are ways most humans communicate, touch is another important way that people uses to convey their messages to one another.

Hugging is a very comforting and communicative type of touch.

So if you want to have a better relationship, reduce stress, improve communication and be happier and healthier, giving and asking for hugs is a good way to start.

Credit: Health Line

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