Beware Of “ORI NA CRISIS”, the Killers in Disguise

Beware Of “ORI NA CRISIS”, the Killers in Disguise

By Antiquity Prince. 

Ori na crisis” is simply an “Engligbo” (English and Igbo word). It can simply be explained as the act of some people eating, enjoying and doing better when and where there are issues/problems. A person who comes to you or your family pretending to make peace or to love you very well, but he is actually doing whatever he is doing to benefit from your issue.

Here, when you have a problem with your brother or sister, friend or colleague, someone else will come in as if he/she is doing you well or doing you good, the person will use the opportunity to talk negatively about the other person, he/she will tell you some things the other person had done in the past, especially those ones that are truths and real, then same person will add unnecessary lies, making you to be more angry to the extent you can begin to think otherwise or how you can deal with the other person, before you could know it, your relationship or closeness with the other person becomes sour, ugly and unfriendly.

To cut it short, “Ori na crisis” is one who benefits from the crisis you have with another person. One who sees your issues with another person as a way of getting favour. The worst of it all is that, same person can be getting from you and the other person. He/she will be telling you what the other person did or said, same person will be telling the other person what you said or did, and he/she will be given something by both persons (wrong/ignorant appreciations).

There are different types of “Ndi Ori na crisis“… We have “Ala adighi nma bu uru Ndi Nze“… They lie a lot, give wrong judgements, eat by tricks, claim to be elders or titled men.

We have “Men that eat by bottles“…. that is, as you buy them beer, they talk anyhow, tell you a lot.

We equally have “Ukwu a kpa na njó”…. they like middling where there’s problem.
We have “Ndi nrupu“….. They will chance you and take your position.
We have “Óchicha mere ihe e boro Oke“…. They do a lot, but you cannot believe they could/can do one thing of such time.

Beware of all of them, they behave like friends, buy they are “fiends“. They can bring two heads and jam (hit/collide) them together, unfortunately some of them can separate two lovers, separate couples, disintegrate families, scatter communities,

bring disunity in a club or an association, they are even in Political parties. Some of them are in APC, PDP, Labour party, APGA, etc.

“Ndi Ori na crisis” are everywhere. You can see them in the Church, they present themselves as holy people, but they are truly “Óchicha mere ihe e boro Oke”. They want to be Elders in the Church, Parish Council Chairmen, C.W.O President, Assistant Pastors, etc. If you give them more opportunities to come closer, they will indirectly be in charge, they can take over. Most of them have no brand, give them ‘life beer’, they will take, give them Hero, it’s their brand, try them with Guinness Stout, they will tell you it’s good for stomach, give them Legend, they will tell you it’s same thing with Guinness, what of 33, they will tell you it’s a general drink, give them Golden Guinea, they will take and tell you it reminds them the old days, try Heineken, they will tell you it’s for people of their level, bring Tiger, they will say it has no fake yet, tell them you have malt, they will tell you to bring it that it has been long they took malt, give them palmwine, they will take it and tell you it’s better to take it with Stout, before you can say Jack Robinson, they have collected stout to mix it. They worst is that they mix juice or yoghurt with beer, they can even mix malt with beer, just to make sure they will drink everything… Sometimes they will tell you to buy dry meat that it goes with drinks or they have not eaten since yesterday, same way the drink, they equally smoke all cigarettes, no selection or choice, they cannot buy two sticks of cigarette a day, but when you ask them to take one stick, they will take one packet, sometimes after drinking, they will ask you for bike (ókada) money.

Chai!, “Ndi Ori na crisis”, they are everywhere; in your family, kindred, house/yard, Church, Political Party, Town Union, Eze’s Cabinet, Office, school, etc. They can steal your phone or watch if it fails down when you are fighting, anything that happens is an opportunity for them, whether good or bad, especially the bad ones, that’s why I call them, “NDI ORI NA CRISIS”…. BEWARE OF THEM ALWAYS.

Antiquity with positivity & simplicity, ambiquity dignity, uniquity & integrity, plus tranquility, without iniqutious iniquity or inimical indignity


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