Ultimate Rules for Meeting an Online Friend for the First Time

Ultimate Rules for Meeting an Online Friend for the First Time

From Chinedu Hardy Nwadike -OWERRI

The dangers associated with meeting your online friend whom you haven’t ever met physically has called for concern in recent times that  the concerned ones should take into cognizance the guides stated below to have a palatable life story.

1. Service your curiosity

Phone and voice has a way of making us feel people are bigger that what they are.

In most cases, people have two lives, the online and offline lives and they are really different. Be calm enough to understand what you have.

2. Ask Questions

Know what he or she does. Who they have also met online previously (it could be your brother, sister or friend) and see if you can bear the burden of knowing such persons ‘went there’ before you.

Ask about work again, how they feed and shop; it gives you an idea of their financial class (it really matters)

3. Don’t be excited

We often tell our friends we’ve found a wife or husband, only to tell them again that ‘the stupid’ guy or girl is no longer in our life.

So don’t be too excited, just keep calm and enjoy the ride, it might crash before you know it.

4. Don’t be too conscious:

Love leaves us unconscious emotionally and when ever you try to be mindful of what you say or do, it really shows and your potential partner feels cheated, because instead of living his or her normal live, he or she moves to impress you.

We often want to avoid losing too much, but at the end of the day we lose. Be it time or money, we all lose when a relationship ends. But of truth it might have ended because you never gave enough and you were always ready to run away.

5. Rule your phone

Remember that you have made him or her to understand that he/she is the only one that makes you happy online, it simply means you have to lay down your phone a lot even if you are a group admin.

If you put approving posts and online meetings ahead of the budding relationship, you have gone ahead to give a picture of what the real life will be like. You are the work first type.

Funny enough, the Facebook groups is not a job.

Don’t wake to your phone when you

have not whispered a soft and sweet good morning to the person beside you. “Hope you slept well” and those early morning cuddling should come first before the phone. It doesn’t matter how many notifications you have. Turn of your data before sleeping.

6. Be naughty at times

Because you are in love and is about to visit him or her, know their sexual orientation. What they like and love.

It often reveals the motive of some ‘hit and run’ guys. I didn’t say you should do sex chat ooh.

6. Video chat

Early morning or late night video chats are often good because it somehow shows you where your partnerc lives. Is it scattered, arranged or just there. By seeing certain things about them, you stand the chance of decoding few things about them.

For the guys, it is the best time to see her without makeup. If she hasn’t sent you a pix without make up, something is surely cooking.

6. What do you want?

Ask your self if he or she is really what you want so that you can be sure the journey is worth it.

7. Now that you have made the sacrifice

When you finally make the journey, understand that it is your first test and so try to control your urges.

Guys that check phones, calm down, as isn’t your wife yet.

Sister Jealousy, also calm down, he is just a guy you are meeting for the first time even if you have been chatting and talking with him a long time ago.

8. Make more sacrifices

You need to sacrifice more to make him/her stay. Be nice and of the best st behaviours you can ever be. Engage in discussions and not arguments. Make peace always but make sure you are not carrying the burden alone.

9. Is he/she the one?

After the first meeting you will be able to know if he/she can fit in as the right person and you have to do it without bias, else when you leave, leave forever and move on with your life.

Pls note

This is simply someone’s  opinion and must not be 100% accurate.

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