SIGNA MEDICALS Owerri: Imolites Advised To Take Health Seriously… As Imo NUJ Chairman, Journalists Visits

SIGNA MEDICALS Owerri: Imolites Advised To Take Health Seriously… As Imo NUJ Chairman, Journalists Visits

By ThankGod Emeh…

Imolites and others across South East and beyond are enjoined to take their health issues seriously by seeking the right medical care at all times because health is wealth.

The Chief Executive Officer of newly established State of the Art medical outfit named SIGNA MEDICALS, Ichie Emmanuel Okwuosa gave the advice while interfacing with journalists at his Medical center located along Port Harcourt Road, Obinze, Owerri, Imo state on Tuesday 27th September 2022.

Ichie Okwuosa who stressed the vision and mission of SIGNA MEDICALS as striving “To be the undisputed leader in the medical diagnostic industry by using the most advanced equipment in diagnostic testing…” as well as “providing quality health care services to everyone at an affordable cost…”, said there is utmost need for thorough medical attention for people who seek it rather than serving them like business as usual in the country.

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“My wife and I have lived in the US for 40 years where my wife worked as a legal counsel appointed twice consecutively as the Chief Counsel of the state of California. I have worked for the Governor’s office for 34years as a Software Engineer, Chief Financial Officer, Project Manager and during that process, we implemented several hospitals in the United States, California precisely”

He added, “My wife and I belong to a group of Doctors and Pharmacists in the US that were involved in providing medical missions to our respective local areas precisely for the past 17years; we provided medical missions to Ihiala Local Government Area in Anambra State”

“We work with a number of Doctors from the US and Our Ladies Hospital in Ihiala and as we are getting closer to retirement, we wanted to do something to give back to society having been instrumental in the US in furthering the programmes of the state California and in making sure that we meet the needs of the Californian people, having done that we thought it necessary to come back and give back to society”

The CEO noted that “SIGNA” has five (5) departments in One (1) hospital, as well as the name coined from “Signature”, is birthed out of the zeal and desire of him and his wife to make lasting footprints in the sands of time by appending their ‘signatures’ alongside their staff to a life-saving mission where diagnosis and other medical care have been bastardized in the country. The Out-patient hospital have the Dialysis, Optometry, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology departments with the Dialysis and Radiology departments housing ten(10) stations as well as MRI, CT-Scan, Mammography, Xray, Ultrasound and EKG/ECG respectively Water Treatment state of the Art Machines.

The Ihiala, Anambra state-born Chief Executive said the decision to build a legacy in the country and going for the best equipment in the health sector is to give back to society through the Outfit’s Social Responsibility Structure having lived and worked in the United States of America for about Forty Years implementing several hospitals in California.

Ichie Okwuosa expressed appreciation to Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma for giving him the enabling environment to work in.

He said, “The Imo state Governor, Hope Uzodinma has been very supportive all the way by providing us with the enabling environment and we are glad to say they have done that by removing the red tapes making it very possible for us to get to where we are today” while adding that specialists and people who have come to the hospital are happy for the environment, service and cost.

“We wanted to make sure that we create an impact in health education, health industry, and environment for health that is going to be impactful to our people. And one of the things that also came to mind was providing employment for our youths as there are a lot of things that we cannot wait for the government to do but see what we can do on our own and that is why the SIGNA MEDICALS was born”

“The reason why we gave the name SIGNA is that we wanted to leave a legacy to our motherland; my wife and I wanted to sign a Signature and make an imprint that is going to be impactful in a positive way to our Community, so we decided to come here and sign the signature….so we sign the Signature, in the process of hiring our staff, we make sure that we hire the best and when we hire them we asked them to come and sign their signatures on the SIGNA because the signing of the signatures signifies commitment, quality and yet affordable”

The CEO Okwuosa further noted that the mission of SIGNA MEDICALS is to also impact and provide employment to teeming Nigerian youths who are the leaders and future of tomorrow but have been relegated to the background over the years noting that the staff at SIGNA are with the best qualifications, sense of commitment and acts of professionalism.

Adding her voice, the wife of the CEO, who doubles as the Co-Chief Executive of SIGNA MEDICALS, Barrister Chisorom Okwuosa who frowned

at the level of unemployment, pointed out that the outfit has come to solve the two major problems in Nigeria’s Health sector such as lack of Diagnosis and lack of access to proper medical care having known the life-threatening dangers involved and to address unemployment of the youths.

Barrister (Mrs) Okwuosa reiterated that the core objective of SIGNA MEDICALS is to provide quality health care, to save lives endangered by poor/improper diagnosis and medication, adding that the State of Art Medical Facility would offer comprehensive Free Medical services to Imolites quarterly through its Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization registered as SIGNA HEALTH FOUNDATION.

“We always believe that whatever you have, you enjoy it more when you share because it is how you impact people, how you make people feel after you meet with them and that leaves a lasting impression and lasting legacy”

“As we are getting ready to retire, we thought about how do we give back to Nigeria because no matter how long you stay in United States, it never feels like home and we gave all of our youths to United States and we want to give the rest of our lives to Nigeria…and our NGO is the aspect that we want to use reach the people; those people that do not have access to good health…and modern day technology. We have partnered with other organizations both in the US and in Nigeria to try to craft ways we can provide services and our #1 goal with our NGO is to be holding quarterly outreach, medical or health Education mission starting in November”

Mrs Okwuosa disclosed that SIGNA MEDICALS is duly registered and completing agreements with notable health stakeholders in the country including the Nigeria Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS in a bid to offer nothing short of the best in healthcare.

“Our Grand opening is October 18 and we have extended invitations to the Governor and other notable invitees”

“Our goal is to do free screening, diagnose and identify what People’s medical situations are like, distribution of free medication through mobile clinic”

“Our purpose of trying to centralize SIGNA MEDICALS here is to provide employment to our own, as we have a lot of hotels and health facilities which critical to a lot of us are lagging behind”

The dedicated couple, Ichie Emmanuel and Barrister Chisorom Okwuosa, alongside the management staff empathized that SIGNA MEDICALS charge “No Consultation Fee” while noting that the outfit is a “Hotel for Sick People where Digitized and Excellent Medical Services are provided at subsidized cost”

“Out of the five departments, we have an in-house Doctor, what our doctor does and what we have decided is that our doctor is not going to charge anybody any Consultation fee and if one walks in without a referral by any doctor and the person do not really know what he or she wants but have certain symptoms; our doctor will see you free of charge and then recommend the person to whatever service that he or she may have. And the doctor is here as a liaison between our specialists – nephrologist for the Dialysis, Pathologists for the Laboratory or Radiologists for the Radiology departments”

They said a 40 feet container full of US medication, vitamins, HIV medication are currently been shipped to the facility to administer to patients as well as give out to people free of charge.

“Through our NGO, we  are trying to create some Community outreaches and bring something that we can help to subsidize services to the less Privileged”

“We thought it a worthwhile venture because a lot of people are sick in Nigeria and they take medication but what they are taking are not really medication, they are taking chalk, so in order to try and do the best we can from our end through our NGO, we got some contacts from the US where we can bring in US Medications and sell it at a very subsidized price from our Pharmacy”

Speaking after a facility check, the Imo state Council Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Chief Christopher Akaraonye commended Ichie Okwuosa and wife for their love and commitment in putting up an outstanding edifice with modern health equipment to offer the best to Imolites and Prayed for God’s blessing and more wisdom to drive and sustain the vision.

Chief Akaraonye urged the couple and management of SIGNA not to relent as their commitment would open up partnership agreements with notable Stakeholders in the state, adding that journalists in the state would also contribute their quota where needed.

The Imo NUJ Chairman alongside other journalists at the facility check who attested to their medical expertise urged Imolites to “take advantage of the mission and services of SIGNA to get a holistic healthcare at minimum cost”.

Equipment at SIGNA MEDICAL PLAZA includes 3D/4D Ultrasound, CT Scan 32 Digitized Slice, and MRI 1.5 among notable others.

The grand opening of SIGNA MEDICALS comes up on 18 October 2022.



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