Age-Long Tradition Of Owerre Nchi Ise Ezeship Stool And Stella Neboh Njemanze’s Gibberish

Age-Long Tradition Of Owerre Nchi Ise Ezeship Stool And Stella Neboh Njemanze’s Gibberish


Owerri Nchi Ise is one of the communities in Igbo Land that has remained robust with her organized cultures, traditions and customs enshrined in her sacred Ezeship stool.

Researchers from all over the world, according to reports, would not cease to find these rare factors interesting for studies and knowledge.

The cultures, traditions and customs of this ancient community as they affect her royal stool have been firm with the strong wills and beliefs of her people.

Alien factors that are loaded with negative contents via written or oral blackmail cannot pose threats to the traditional processes towards the selection of their monarch. Did the attempted balkanization of Owerre Nchi Ise land safely in the traditional city? No!. Can the publications in the media, full of twists and dramatic innuendoes make any impact as to shift base in such a traditional setting? No!.

The article written by one Stella Neboh Njemanze with her title… ‘’Attention: Imo Traditional Rulers. Owerre needs no Crown Prince, but Ozuruigbo VI’’ is amazingly strange to the realities of the Ezeship stool of Owerre Nchi Ise going by facts and figures.

The article appears a distracting gimmick that is obviously missing its target, and even within its hypothetical absurdity, it is not grounded with the typical dignity attached to Owerre men and women and one may ask: Who must she be as she is not sounding like an Owerre princess or an ‘Mgboto’ Owerre or like one whose community has a revered royal stool that had been occupied by great men of blessed memories? Is it that she is not grateful to God Almighty for the collectively wise choice of a retired judge of a competent court of jurisdiction who is widely known to be an upright man likened to the biblical Daniel? One may also ask: Why the gibberish when in humility, the voice of the wise majority is the voice of God? Who is hell bent in placing her in a gullible and vulnerable state over the respected stool of Owerre Ichi Ise? Where were she and her advisers when the majority of Owerre people had devoted their time praying and fasting to have a divine replacement of the late Eze Pharmacist Emmanuel Njemanze? Where were these advisers when the traditional processes were being perfected to this last stage anchored on peace and unity? Could the whole idea and scheme be to fix a ‘pretence’ that crisis are brewing over the royal seat? To me, these have become open secrets that have wobbled with poor reasoning unto death on arrival.

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A respected prince in Njemanze dynasty of Owerre Nchi Ise, Nda Bob Njemanze had earlier cleared the air that one Charles Anumaku Njemanze who investigations reveal is a brother to the Stella Neboh, the writer of the article was approached abinitio to be a ‘’place holder’’ with regard to the stool but that such did not see the light of the day which was attributed to some factors considered to be a necessary hindrance, not until the choice of Rt. Hon. Justice Ezeohiri Fredrick Njemanze (Rtd) got the nod of the majority of the people OF Owerre Nchi Ise as the Ozuruigbo VI.

It further became disappointing that the writer, Stella Neboh with her article’s bank might be gazing at the people of Owerre with disdain and hurling mud at them even at this period of endless euphoria with the 80th birthday anniversary of the respected Imo senior citizen, Prince Bob Njemanze.

People from all the quarters in the World would not cease to joyfully shower their blessings, pleasantries and all the good wishes on him, who has monumentally stood his grounds like a colossus for the Njemanzes royal family, Owerre people, Imo people and beyond .

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The Njemanze Royal family has boldly made the World to know that the Royal family commenced the Journey for the selection of the ‘Crown Prince’ of Owerre to take over the ‘Eze Owerre throne’ in September, 2019 and that on the 17th day of July 2022, the Njemanze family led by its Chairman, Prince Donald Njemanze, the Head and twenty others at the meeting of the family nominated and selected Hon. Justice Ezeohiri Fred Njemanze (Rtd) as the Crown Prince of Owerre. This selection from their report precipitated other traditional and customary processes.

Hon. Justice Ezeohiri Njemanze
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On 31st July 2022, the report went further stating that the Njemanze Family presented the Crown Prince to Ekeonuwa and Okorie kindreds of Amawom Village (Kingmakers of the community) and that Eke-na-Okorie Kindred along with Njemanze Family (kindred) on 7th August 2022 presented the selected Crown Prince to Amawom Village. The Village Head of Awawom village, one Chief Dennis Dike, Kindred meetings, Mgbotos (Daughters of the community) Wives, youths, children and Udokanma Age grade of Owerri patiently witnessed the ceremony which recorded over two thousand persons including well-wishers.

The next step was presenting the Crown Prince to Umuikenegbu Kindreds viz Umuororonjo and Awawom Villages and subsequently to entire Owerri Community. On this date, all the village Heads of the five Villages/Compounds of Owerre and the people spoke loud and clear accepting the nomination, selection, identification and appointment of Hon Justice Ezeohiri Ozuruigbo VI of Owerre.

The ceremony was witnessed by about 4,000 persons and celebrated because it was a grand finale of the traditional processes required by the tradition, native laws and customs, customary practice, norms and ethos of the Owerri people. The customary “Ogirishi” leave was fixed on the cap of the crown prince on this date signifying peace, acceptance to rule over the people of Owerre and ensuring justice, equity and fair play.

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The final step would be the coronation of the crown prince as the Eze Owerre (Ozuruigbo VI of Owerre), and the date would be fixed at the appropriate time, which would be preceded by the necessary recognitions and political considerations.

It was made clear that the Njemanze Family expressed joy trailing the fact that Hon Justice Ezeohiri Fred Njemanze (Rtd) yielded to the clarion call for the royal duties after series of pleas and visits.

The traditional succession of the late Eze Emma Njemanze is naturally placed above an individual as it flies with a focus devoid of any bidding, lobbying or campaigning. It is purely traditional imbibing all the cultures and customs with the backing of Christianity and morality.

An article that is rooted in inflated edification of insinuations and spewing of lies and insults on a people and a release of hogwash and balderdash are not a wit, needed now as the people of Owerre Nshi ise have since for years, toed the line of unity with respect to their royal stool. Let us therefore respect their royal stool now and forever and not to make attempts to defile it in any form like the articles of Stella Neboh.

Chinedu Max Egere, member Nigerian Guild of Editors NGE wrote from Owerri.

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