Orlu Senate: Beware Of Izunaso And His Expired Experience

Orlu Senate: Beware Of Izunaso And His Expired Experience

BY Chris Nwadike…

The Holy Bible  in Philippians Chapter 3 Verse 2 warned us to “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision”. 

Whenever the word beware is written, is a clear warning of something very dangerous, it simply means there is danger that may be deadly, disastrous or injurious. It is generally said that whenever you see danger you apply caution.

The caption of this piece was carefully chosen to reflect the danger, disaster or injurious condition that may consume Orlu Senatorial Zone if they consider and vote Senator Osita Izunaso because of his so called experience.

From keen observation, the only strong selling point, Senator Izunaso has is Experience and Ranking,  he has intentionally used it to project himself and paint a picture that makes him look superior to others but in real sense his acclaimed experience is nothing to write home about and was not beneficial to the people of Orlu Zone

Investigation carried out about his activities at the Senate revealed that he used the opportunity to enrich himself and deny the people he represented dividends of democracy.

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For educative purposes, there are three functions of a lawmaker; they are legislation, oversight  function and representation. Findings carried out revealed that Izunaso failed in all three aspects of lawmaking.

Recall that Izunaso was elevated from Green Chambers to Red Chambers, that means before he came to senate, he already had legislative experience but he  failed to prove his mettle even with the so called experience he had at the Green Chambers .

Sen. Osita Izunaso
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Similarly, Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi, of Imo  East (Owerri Zone)

Senatorial District was elevated from Green Chambers to Red Chambers, he is doing well, today he is called “Mr Project”, simply because  he is performing but that was not the same with Izunaso during his era.

Records have shown that Izunaso’s First Missionary Journey to the Red Chambers  was unproductive, the only thing he succeeded was to use the resources allocated to the people to enrich himself. He is well experienced in personalizing the people’s resources.

Obviously; there is no evidence of any project he attracted in Orlu Zone when he was at Green Chambers and Red Chambers. An Owerri adage says; “Onye rikpa ori, anyi amarara ya’ meaning we know who is”. Considering because of his much trumpeted experience will be tantamount to moving from frying pan to fire.

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In 2011, his former party, PDP knew that he is a bad market, his so called experience has nothing to offer and will lead the party to a disgraceful electoral  defeat, they deliberately denied him ticket. In 2015 APC experimented their doubt about his personality and gave him ticket with his so called experience as a candidate of a ruling party he failed woefully, the people rejected him because they were already fully aware of his unproductive performance as a former senator who did little or nothing.

The word beware of Izunaso and his so called experience was carefully chosen to caution the good people of Orlu Zone against impending danger that may be disastrous to the people of Imo West Senatorial District. He that has ear let him hear what the spirit of God is saying to the church.

Chris Nwadike writes from Ihioma Orlu LGA

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